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Silver In The Buy Zone

Market report courtesy of American Gold Exchange



In early October, silver fell sharply as paper speculators were shaken out of the market. A huge sale by a major hedge fund in London reportedly fueled the technical sell-off in all four precious metals, triggering stop-loss sales that drove silver through support at $18.61 to as low as $17.34.

Markets often overshoot their equilibrium points when sentiment is decidedly strong or weak, and this is what happened with precious metals last week. We think the sell-off was far overdone and silver is now poised for another big surge. We’ve been hoping to recommend silver on a market correction, and this created a better buying opportunity than we ever anticipated!


Short-Lived Dips

As you can see in this one-year chart, silver gained 50% between January and August, rising from $13.75 to $20.70 an ounce in a series of three surges. Following each of the first two major rises, prices pulled back and consolidated before the next big move higher. Now that pattern appears to be repeating.

Silver’s dips have been very short-lived, lasting just a week or so. We believe its current equilibrium point is $18.50, or around 5% higher than the October 20, 2016 price, which puts silver firmly in the buy zone! When it moves higher again, it will probably jump $0.50 to $1.00 very quickly, so be prepared!

With gold having gained as much as 30% this year, and silver as much as 50%, speculators were pouring into the metals. Again, last week’s sell-off shook out most of those paper-based speculators, which is great news for long-term investors in physical metals. Both gold and silver are now offering now better buying opportunities than we ever anticipated this fall. Now is a great time to buy Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and other silver bullion coins.

Benefits of Canada Silver Maple Leafs

Minted in pure silver ‒ Containing one troy ounce of 99.99% fine silver, the Canadian Maple Leaf are among the purest silver bullion coin minted by any government.

Government-guaranteed content ‒ Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins are minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, which guarantees their silver content and purity. Each 1-ounce coin contains a full troy ounce of silver and has a face value of $5 (CDN). The Silver Maple Leaf is legal tender in Canada, a country that is widely respected for its independence and stability.

Instant liquidity ‒ Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins are saleable at market value virtually anywhere because of their recognized purity and quality.

Easy to store and transport ‒ Silver bullion coins are compact, convenient and easy to store or transport. We pack them securely in 3-inch tall, break-proof plastic tubes that are perfect for home safes and bank safety deposit boxes.

Better than bars and ingots ‒ We recommend silver bullion coins like Canadian Maple Leafs over silver bars and ingots because they’re far easier to sell, store and transport, and they do not incur the additional costs of assaying when it is time for you to sell.

Perfect mint quality ‒ Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins are taken directly from the Royal Mint press and put directly into 20-coin mint storage tubes. Although they might occasionally get a small contact nick, their quality remains virtually perfect, like the day they were made.

Beautiful coin designs ‒ Many people enjoy collecting Canadian Maple Leaf silver bullion coins simply for their beauty. The bust of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Arnold Machin, graces on the obverse side. The reverse depicts the traditional Canadian Maple Leaf image.

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