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Security Bulletin

As you know, times are hard and crime, both numismatic and otherwise, is on the rise. 

Don’t make yourself an easy target! 

Please take a moment to review and consider the basic security tips outlined here.

· All exhibitors, dealers and collectors alike must be totally aware of their surroundings, be attentive to the people around them wherever they are, don’t become complacent and stay alert at all times.

· When you are traveling to, and when you leave a coin show, until your coins are secured at your destination, ASSUME you are an active target and please protect yourself accordingly.

· If at all possible, use an armored car courier service to ship your goods to and from a show.

· If you are traveling to and from a show via your personal vehicle, and can’t ship your material via armored car carrier, park your vehicle either at the hotel or convention center, unload it, and never return to that vehicle again, until the last day when you are loading and leaving.

· Never leave your coins in an unattended vehicle.

· Place high value material overnight in the Security Room.

· Move out is probably the riskiest time of all. Exhausted dealers are eager to leave and likely to be careless.  Stay alert.

· It is important to understand that, statistically, the most frequented crime scenes are parking lots at 37%, hotels/motels at 18%, residences at 12%, and restaurants at 6%. So be careful out there. Remember, the most common technique used by thieves to identify numismatic dealers is to wait for them to appear at the Coin Show, then follow them to one of the above listed crime scenes.

· Always make your coins manageable.  You must be able to carry them with you to the restroom and other locations.

· With regard to hotels, never identify yourself as a coin dealer or discuss the coin business where it can be overheard.  Never wear your show id to the hotel.  Never leave valuables in your room. 

· If a holdup does occur, obey the orders of the perpetrator.  For your safety, never resist an armed robbery, cooperate fully, and never chase after the thieves.  Keep calm and do as you are told.

· Most of all,  do not ignore your instincts or hunches.  Be suspicious of anyone acting in a manner not consistent with your regular profile. 

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