Partners in the Numismatic Experience

The Professional Numismatists Guild has been in existence for more than 60 years. During that time, we have established ourselves as the standard bearer for all numismatic professionals. We gratefully acknowledge that our leadership position would not be possible without our relationships with our esteemed partners, some of the best-known names – and logos – in the collectibles marketplace.


NGC – the Official Grading Service of the PNG

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) is one of the most important numismatic companies in the world. As a leading coin authentication and grading service, NGC grades and encapsulates more than a million coins each year! And every NGC holder bears the PNG logo on its hologram label, clearly demonstrating that they value our partnership as much as we do.

There is a reason why NGC grades so many coins. It’s called prices realized. A coin graded by NGC will fetch more money from a buyer than an ungraded coin. It’s as simple as that.

Why NGC Grading?

The advent of third-party grading in the 1980s revolutionized the coin collecting hobby by providing impartial opinions of a coin’s grade and authenticity. Prior to third-party grading and authentication, it was easy for sellers to overstate a coin’s grade and many counterfeit and altered coins were unwittingly sold as genuine.

holoIn 1987, NGC was established to provide a fully independent opinion of a coin’s authenticity and grade. From the beginning NGC focused on only one objective, a standard of consistent, impartial and accurate grading. NGC graders are prohibited from buying and selling coins commercially, which prevents conflicts of interest. The expert and impartial grades assigned by NGC and backed by the NGC Guarantee give buyers and sellers greater confidence, increase liquidity and result in higher prices realized.

Collectors and dealers around the world have embraced NGC certification and as a result, NGC has become the world’s largest third-party coin grading service with more than 33 million coins certified.

In addition to its grading and authentication services, NGC’s website is the numismatist’s number one resource for research tools including the NGC U.S., World and Chinese Modern Coin price guides, NGC Auction Central and NGC Coin Explorer.

Are you considering a grading and authentication service other than NGC?
Ask yourself these essential questions first!

  1. How many years has your grading service been grading, authenticating and encapsulating numismatic items?
  2. How many numismatic items has your service graded since its inception?
  3. On average, how many numismatic items does your service grade per month?
  4. Does your service offer a grading and authenticity guarantee?
  5. Does your grading service publish this guarantee in writing on a website or in company literature?
  6. Does your grading service offer to buy back numismatic items when necessary?
  7. Does your grading service maintain an ongoing census and population statistics for your numismatic items?
  8. Are your numismatic items environmentally protected in their holder?
  9. Does your grading service maintain an established, recognized grading standard?
  10. Does your grading company have an established dealer or collector network?
  11. Is there an active bid/ask sight-unseen market for numismatic items graded by your service?
  12. Are items graded by your service traded on a recognized numismatic trading network?
  13. What percentage of the overall collector/dealer marketplace trades in numismatic material graded by your service?
  14. Does your grading company provide ample insurance coverage for numismatic items on its premises?
  15. Are you satisfied with your service’s grading procedure? How many graders will take part in grading your numismatic items?
  16. What safeguards does your service have in place to keep your graders from grading numismatic material they own?
  17. Does your grading service provide an ongoing educational program for its graders and authenticators?

The Professional Numismatists Guild takes its responsibility to the numismatic community very seriously. Make sure you have your items graded by a company that does the same.

Both the Professional Numismatists Guild and the American Numismatic Association (ANA) have named NGC as their official grading service.

NCS – The Official Conservation Service of the PNG

ncsNCS, offered by NGC, provides expert professional conservation services for public and private collections of coins, tokens and medals. Coin conservation can help remove harmful residues and stabilize the surface of your coin, revealing the beauty of your most cherished possessions.

PMG – The Official Paper Money Grading Service of the PNG

pmgPaper Money Guaranty was founded in 2005 as a fully independent third-party paper money grading service. With an unparalleled commitment to accuracy, consistency and integrity, PMG is the world’s largest third-party paper money grading service with more than 1,400,000 notes certified.

Loomis – The Official Armored Carrier of the PNG

Loomis offers peace of mind with high-value transportation and storage expertise in air, sea, or road—employing the safest routes, the fastest connections, and the highest security.



Willis Towers Watson – The Official Insurer of the PNG

Willis Towers Watson is a leading global advisory, brokering and solutions company that helps clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth.  With roots dating to 1828, Willis Towers Watson has 39,000 employees in more than 120 territories.


American Numismatic Association (ANA)

The ANA is a congressionally chartered, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to encouraging the study and collection of coins and related items. The PNG partners with the ANA on several joint ventures, including PNG Day and PNG-sponsored young numismatist scholarships to the ANA Summer Seminar.

CDN Publishing

CDN Publishing

CDN Publishing, is the publisher of the popular Greysheet, Bluesheet & Greensheet pricing newsletters for coin dealers. For over 50 years, CDN has been the pre-eminent authority on wholesale pricing for United States coins and currency. We are completely independent and objective in our pricing models.

CDN Exchange

CDN Exchange

Many PNG member dealers are also members of CDN Exchange (formerly CoinPlex). CDN Exchange [CDNX] is a dealers-only trading exchange for certified U.S. coins. CDNX gives dealers the opportunity to connect and do business with other buyers and sellers in the numismatic community, and provides coin dealers, current spot metal prices and more. Membership is only $100 per month and PNG members get a free trial month to check it out.

Positive Protection, Inc.

Positive Protection is the security company of choice for all PNG events. PPI has served the Numismatic, Philatelic and Jewelry industries since 1976.



Dillon Gage Metals

dgDillon Gage Metals has been serving precious metals dealers, financial institutions, banks and brokerage houses around the globe for nearly 40 years. Dillon Gage provides the accurate, current spot metal prices you see on the PNG and APMD websites.


Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA)

ICTA has been dedicated to the rare coins, paper money, and precious metals industries for over 30 years. ICTA exists to promote and safeguard the interests of its members, serving as the industry watchdog to maintain an appropriate and favorable regulatory climate in the U.S.A. and all 50 states. Numerous PNG and APMD dealers are ICTA members.