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Why All Dealers Should Join the PNG

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Founded in 1955, the Professional Numismatists Guild is all about its motto – Knowledge, Integrity, Responsibility. Every PNG member dealer exemplifies all three of these attributes, or they wouldn’t be part of our association. The PNG is universally respected by collectors, investors and numismatic dealers alike.

The PNG logo is like a seal of approval for the numismatic field. After all, it appears on the back of every NGC coin holder. As a member of our prestigious organization, you are known as an expert in your field and a coin dealer that collectors and investors can trust. For dealers whose reputation for integrity is everything, a PNG membership should be a given.

Membership in the Professional Numismatists Guild is offered on an individual basis to professional numismatists who can meet a rigorous set of ethical and financial standards. It’s the individual who joins the PNG, not the company. The only exception is in the Affiliate Member category, which is offered to either individuals or companies.

PNG membership delivers many benefits to a professional numismatist. In addition to being the oldest and most prestigious international dealer organization in numismatics, the PNG:

  • Provides an umbrella of protection for you and your customers.
  • Is the only self-regulating organization in numismatics today.
  • Offers legally binding arbitration for consumers and dealers.
  • Takes a strong position on consumer education and promotes the knowledge of coin collecting.
  • Advertises extensively to help create business for our members.
  • Provides the camaraderie of an international organization comprised of many of the most successful dealers in our profession.
  • Sponsors prestigious sales events with automatic access for PNG members.
  • Presents the annual PNG Day prior to the CSNS spring coin show.
  • Hosts the annual PNG Awards Banquet, where we honor those who have made significant contributions to our hobby.
  • Offers members a professionally produced brochure, affording a large company look at minimal expense.
  • Has forged a special relationship with the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), who offers members ten free walkthrough submissions in their first year.
  • Has, through a cooperative effort with Willis Towers Watson, developed an enhanced insurance program specifically designed for the needs of PNG dealers and collectors, with all PNG members receiving a premium discount.
  • Has a special relationship with Brinks, who offers preferred rates to PNG members.
Jeff Garrett & Bob Brueggeman
Past PNG President Jeff Garrett with former PNG Executive Director, Bob Brueggeman

While these are all compelling reasons for applying for membership in the Professional Numismatists Guild, we believe the best reason is that having a PNG membership will enhance your stature in our industry.

All of us who are numismatic professionals have been fortunate enough to reap our share of rewards from this business. Being a member of the Guild gives you an opportunity to give something back. Our efforts to educate and protect the consumer, and to raise the level of professionalism in our business, have been a credit to the hobby since our founding in 1955. All of our members have grown by being a part of these efforts.

Professional Numismatists Guild has three categories of membership: Regular (full), Associate and Affiliate, each with its own set of membership requirements.

Click here to view the PNG Membership Requirements
and then select the appropriate category and download the application.

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